easy tips for web design


Features of a Good Website

Browsing other websites has allowed us to identify the following:

Many of the best websites out there have a set of clearly defined goals and they offer users content that intrigues them to keep reading and to keep coming back in the future. Alongside this, the website needs to be user friendly in terms of navigation.

1. Good Websites Provide Some Sort of Value To Visitors; So They Keep Coming Back Time After Time!

This is probably the most important thing to remember. Analyse the best sites on the web like Amazon and Yahoo, they all provide visitors with a reason to keep coming back thanks to their excellent content. For instance, Amazon has a huge range of products and an extremely advanced search feature, allowing people to find what they want very quickly. Not only this, but there are plenty of reviews available on a range of different products.

Does this need to be considered when building a home page? Of course it does! What ever type of home page is being built, the chances are that the web site designer wants the users to stay and keep coming back. Designers need to put themselves in the shoes of their visitors and decide exactly what it is that they want in order to keep coming back.

An example would be, the web site designer is looking for web sites that have information on web site design. They could could provide potential visitors with an information resource including tutorials on exactly how to build the perfect website. Alongside this, they could produce step-by-step videos to help guide people through the complicated process of building a website on a weekly basis to keep people coming back!

2. Have Predefined Goals

Before even thinking about the design, the designer will need to ensure they know exactly what the aim of the website is. For instance, is the website designed to sell products? Is it there to provide national information? Is the website there to provide weather forecasts. By ensuring that predefined goals are in place, the website is likely to be tailored around the needs of the potential visitors in the long run.

3. Keeping Websites User Friendly

We all know the feeling; going to a website expecting to find what we are looking for, but not being able to find it, it can be incredibly frustrating. The reality is that websites need to be extremely user friendly in order for people to stay online. By this, we mean that the website should be easy to navigate through and the audience should be able to find what they need without ending up completely lost on a website. Keeping links back to the larger pages or a "back" button can sometimes help.

One of the best ways to create a user friendly site is to go through a planning process before the design begins. In this plan, designers should create a mind map of how the layout of the website will be laid down. They will be able to see if there are any problems and will be able iron out these problems before development.

4. Keeping A Website Attractive

Keeping a website attractive to users will allow them to feel like they are dealing with professionals. By keeping a website attractive, we mean that the design should fit in with the niche. For instance a solar energy site would have information relating to solar energy, but may be green signifying its user-friendliness. Keeping a theme in tune with a niche will help to keep a website attractive to potential visitors and help them to feel like they want and need to come back in the long term!

5. Examples of Good Design

Enough said, now it’s time to take a look at some examples of simple yet beautiful web designs. An interesting vertical to focus on is gaming. If you visit gamerzvault.net, gamefudge.com, casinomadness.net, zapak.com, onlinecasinohub.net, freeonlinecasinotips.net, games.com or spinnygames.com, you’ll see that these sites have managed to find a balance between the attractiveness and the functionality of the site.